Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Looking Back Pt.3 Dummies and Puppets

I have yet to meet the toy sized dummy that isn't inherently creepy........ and this is a good thing.

Some objects should always be imbued with a special , disconcerting quality, and the great cosmic unconsciousness has agreed that dummies are one such object.  No matter that they are wearing a crisp summer-white linen suit, they are still unnerving,  I mean why is he painted in white-face?  Our small elegant Charlie McCarthy used to sit on the instep of the human leg bones, gazing at something only he could see, just beyond me, his hinged jaw ajar, frozen in reaction.

Not creepy at all is the Punch Puppet, he's just old, and the only one of the three that is still available for purchase.    Enjoy.

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